Current Culture UC Solo Pro 35 Gallon, 1 x 8 in Net Pots (Includes CCH2O Lid 8)


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The Solo Pro Single Module Water Culture System is great for small spaces and veg plants. Constructed from durable greenhouse-grade materials and professional components, the Solo Pro is built to last. Its interchangeable lids provide maximum versatility for a variety of crops. The quick access lid portholes make root viewing convenient, and the integrated drain valve makes system maintenance easy. High levels of aeration promote explosive root growth, water uptake and nutrient efficiency. The Solo Pro Systems include: CCH2O Pro 35 gallon heavy-duty ABS growth module, CCH2O Pro heavy-duty ABS lid with dual portholes, CCH2O heavy-duty net pot(s), drain valve kit, 40 lpm premium linear air pump, air hose and Aqua Pore XL - Pro air diffuser. *Plus everything you need to get growing: Growstone Grow Medium, Cultured Solutions UC Roots and Veg A & B Premium Plant Nutrients. Choose from 1 site, 4 site, 6 site or 11 grow systems. These items are drop ship only.